The wisdom base of which Microcosm is a part involves the fundamental, root, re-integration of  the inner workings of natural law within the human body. This foundation is recovered, and restored as the all-inclusive, ever expanding holistic context for which all processes and experiences are understood, and all practices or methods are applied.

Informed is a skillful, appropriate, wholesome, humble, and response-able utilization of diet & detoxification; which inherently includes a specialized method of colon hydrotherapy.
A space and infrastructure for healing, success, and (so importantly) safety is re-claimed.
Cleansing, regeneration, & transformation on a cellular level are able to be facilitated.

Revealed is a purified experience and perception of:
-symptom interpretation
-cause & effect
-concepts of “nutrition” and “detoxification”
-permanence & impermanence
-and the relationship between food – disease – energy – health – and healing.

This work is for people of all levels and aspects of health, dis-ease and diet. It is personally and continuously customized to a person’s needs as they are in process – be it for daily experience or facilitating someone through a fast or dietetic cleanse; from holistic wellness to deep healing. Emphasis on education & the mind/body/spirit/earth connection allows for self-empowerment and an integration of the whole being.



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