First Steps

Important Instructions

When you’d like to move forward, it will be necessary to have your responses to the notes below. Please do read through this, even if you think you’re already familiar or it isn’t applicable to you.


Surgeries – Recently or in your Past:  Please describe what and when they occurred.
- Women: This includes c-sections, D&C’s, etc, that have happened within the last year, or longer if you are still experiencing even the slightest discomfort.

Health Conditions – Past and Present

Medications - Currently and within the last year or so… Any related symptoms or side effects.

If you are Pregnant

Fast /Cleanse/”Detox” – Are you Currently in one or if you are Planning to do so.
-What does the fast/cleanse consist of (what you are drinking or eating, any products you’re taking)?
-If applicable, what is it’s “name” or the name of it’s designer?
-What day of the process you are on now?
-How long you plan to be on it?
-How have been feeling so far, and are you experiencing any symptoms (weakness, headache, skin reactions, fatigue, diarrhea, etc)?
-Any other details about the process or you that may be relevant.

“Products” - If you have been taking any of these below. Please include ingredients, dosage, frequency, etc.
*Psyllium Husks*
Bentonite Clay
Laxatives or Herbal Laxative Teas (i.e. Senna, etc)
Salt Water flushes
“Colon Cleanser” products, Oxy-Mag, etc.
Protein Powders
Any other type of “cleansing” product – herbal/powder/etc.

Diarrhea – Currently or Recently.  When was the last instance you experienced?

Constipation - If you are currently feeling constipated or experiencing bowel difficulty.  When was your last bowel movement?.

Physical Limitations or Disability
If you have any limitations on your physical movement, walking or ability to use stairs.

Drugs or Withdrawal - If you currently use drugs or are going through transition/ withdrawal… feel free to call if you aren’t comfortable with emailing this information.


Ready to Schedule?

If you already know you are ready to move forward, please do the following steps below:


1) Send an email or call via phone with the information below:

-Your First & Last name
-Phone Number
-Email Address
-When you would like to come in (day/time options); and/or when you’re available in general.
-Your answers to the Important notes above.

First sending this information via Email is preferred if possible for you, but of course feel free to call via phone if you need to.


2) Open and Download the Dietetic & Preparation Guidelines

These are some of the beginner basics for both preparing for colon hydrotherapy, and transitioning one’s diet for health or healing in general.
If you are interested in a colon hydrotherapy session soon, be sure to look this over now, so you can know what is involved, and begin to prepare the way you want to, at the level you want to.



If you have any further questions, you are more than welcome to ask.
I look forward to connecting with you as soon as possible.