The terms below have been thought of, interpreted, and used in many different ways by countless people, modalities, schools, practitioners, counselors, authors, media and businesses.


Holistic     ·     Nutrition     ·    Healing     ·       Detoxification
Integrated     ·     Wellness     ·     Colon Hydrotherapy     ·     Cellular Level     ·     Diet
Natural     ·    Regeneration     ·     Cleansing     ·     Deep Tissue     ·     Health


In their true form, these are all aspects of the same process – or of looking at the same process.

They are all connected.
They are all inter-related and interdependent.
None of them exist in a vacuum, separate or independent from the others.
They are all essential factors of an “equation.”

The descriptions below may naturally suggest both dietary practices and colon hydrotherapy as a part of one’s process; but of course what you decide to do is ultimately up to you.  We will facilitate accordingly in a way that is appropriate and safe given the circumstances we’re working with.

Dietetic/Nutritional Counseling

From Holistic Wellness to Deep Healing

This work is for people of all levels and aspects of health, dietary practices or dis-ease.
If you are interested in improving your overall health and sense of well being.
If you want to address a health issue or significant illness.
Whether you’d like to go slow or fast with your dietary changes; transition only a little or a lot.
Or if you are already planning on a cleanse or fast.

We want a person to engage in a process in the way that is right for him/her, in alignment with the body, safe, successful, and more holistically & systemically transformative in a regenerative way. To have greater empowerment, motivation, consistency, longevity, and sustainability. To have a dynamic health experience, and develop a “living in process” capability, both physically and mentally. As mentioned on the About page, it is the belief at this practice that this calls for a certain understanding regarding how universal laws govern the infrastructure of the human body. As well as working with these laws appropriately, given the individual – which includes both the effects and information that the form of colon hydrotherapy practiced here brings forth – in real time, as a person’s body is in process.

If there were just one detail to introduce here, it would be this:
“Nutrition,” “detoxification,” health, and healing, begins with digestion and ends with elimination. If these aren’t understood and facilitated properly, no other aspect or concept works (or matters) the way we think it does. At the same time – when these are facilitated properly, many other aspects or concepts we formerly held to no longer work or matter the way we thought they did.
In other words, we get what is called a “game changer” – in both paradigm and direct experience.

Counseling, and all work here, is personally and continuously customized to a person’s needs as they are in process.  Emphasis on education & the mind/body/spirit/earth connection allows for self-empowerment and an integration of the whole being.

Colon Hydrotherapy

It is important to know that there are several different kinds of practices, equipments, techniques and set-ups, that are all referred to as “colon hydrotherapy,” “colonic irrigation,” or “colonics” by those who use them.

The term “gravity” colon hydrotherapy (or “colonic irrigation”) is used in present-day to describe various types of equipment/set-up combinations. It should at least refer to an all manual apparatus – meaning no machines, electronics, or pressurization – in which the water is simply falling into the person’s body.

Woods Gravity” colon hydrotherapy (or “colonic irrigation”) means the original form, used by Dr. Robert Woods and Dr. Norman Walker. It should therefore refer to a specific natural apparatus and set-up, as well as a certain quality & type of instruments and materials.

The practice here at Microcosm involves even further specifications and enhancements to the Woods Gravity set-up, as well as a specialized technique, both developed by master practitioner Gil Jacobs. It is based on creating a gentle motion and momentum with a continuous flow of water; as opposed to the “fill & empty” style most might be familiar with. This creates a significantly deeper, more thorough washing; while being non-invasive, and more comfortable for the client. It fully and therapeutically engages the colon, therefore strengthening the muscle and retraining peristalsis, as well as helping heal the organ and entire body. This form of colon hydrotherapy along with proper dietary practices, allows and awakens a level and form of cleansing that facilitates transformation on a continually advancing systemic level.

Detoxification Facilitation – Fasting/Cleansing

“Doing a detox” can be an awakening, rejuvenating, fun, healing, vibrant, clarifying and ease-full experience!
And – Ensuring that one engages in a cleansing process that is right for him/her, in alignment with the body, safe, successful, and more holistically & systemically transformative in a regenerative way – is not to be taken casually.

Common concepts and perceptions of “detoxing” or fasting often have just a few principles, learned in a vacuum; interpreting ideas through a paradigm that doesn’t hold space for the entire context. In addition, what is believed to be the full process of cleansing, is actually just the beginning. And if the process is not properly completed, the results can be a range of issues – including putting the body in a state of having awakened that which it cannot eliminate, setting the stage for a concentrated re-absorption of poisons/waste – which can cause significant damage to and dis-ease in the body.

Your cleansing process will be personally customized, depending on your individual circumstances and needs – physical, emotional, spiritual and logistical. Various forms/levels of cleansing diets, modified fasts, pure fasts, or combinations throughout a time frame can be utilized. Changes can (and often should) be made at any moment, as your body (and mind) is in process; keeping the cleanse present and accurate to what arises.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Foods

This section could resonate with you for a few reasons:

If Vegetarianism, Veganism, or Raw Foods is…
- something you’re interested in learning about, or transitioning into.
- something you’re interested in, but you’ve been advised by other people, practitioners, paradigms, or readings that it is not good for you.
- a life you’ve been practicing already in some form, and you are/feel great, better, healed, stronger, and more vibrant.
- a life you’ve been practicing already in some form, and you feel/seem pretty much the same as you always have.
- a life you’ve been practicing already in some form; and it is something you believe in, yet you’re experiencing health issues, low energy, sickness, etc. – new or old, small or large; be it after 6 weeks, 20 years or more.

Living Vegetarian, Vegan, or Raw can be transformational, awakening, healing, liberating, and give you back your life – both in great quality and quantity.
At the same time – Engaging in these diets in a way that is right for each person, in alignment with the body, safe, successful, and more holistically & systemically transformative in a regenerative way – is not often what it seems – even if it seems that everything is going beyond well in someone’s experience.

Common concepts and perceptions of vegetarian/vegan, or ”raw”  often have just a few principles, learned in a vacuum; interpreting ideas through a paradigm that doesn’t hold space for the entire context. This can lead to a range of issues – small or large, acutely or gradually, over short or very long time frames.
This is good news… as it reveals that the essence & character of these diets are rooted in real wisdoms. It is just the holistic understanding and application of this wisdom in the present-day that needs be addressed.

More good news is that the health-full ways to incorporate these diets into our lives are ultimately also what’s more simple and gentle. It may require changes that are unfamiliar at first; but will eventually become natural and easeful, as they systematically and continually facilitate positive transformations and liberation.

Spiritual/Religious Fasting

Spiritual/religious fasting or cleansing is a sacred, personal, and often transpersonal experience. Assisting individuals through a process that is in the utmost integrity with their spiritual/religious beliefs, practices, and life – as well as providing people with a context for re-integrating the connection between the body and Spirit – is an honor and responsibility that is to be handled with the deepest care, attention, respect and love.

Also for your consideration…
Often the body is seen as separate from or “lower” than the Spirit. Or furthermore – often principles or ways of cleansing/fasting for physical health & healing are seen as at least separate from, and at most opposed to, principles of fasting/cleansing for spiritual purposes, holy-days, or religious observances.
If you are interested, we can explore as well, the consideration that these seeming conflicts are illusions.

In any case, shape or form, I am devoted to holding a space for and co-facilitating a personal practice for you that feels in alignment with who you are and your spiritual connection.
~Julie Brown



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