Sliding Scale


Microcosm stands passionately & compassionately in the knowing of the equal worth and rights of all beings (and the planet). Every individual deserves access to the highest quality and possibility of healing, wellness and transformation. One of the ways we can be responsible for our part in this ethic and vision is by participating in sliding scale pricing systems – both as practitioners and as clients. A sliding scale takes into account one’s financial and life resources and circumstances, and comes to an appropriate price within a pre-determined price range.
Sliding Scales are a holistic tool and offering, to be used holistically and ethically. If all is utilized appropriately, each individual would pay proportionally to their true resources, and Microcosm would be able to maintain itself with ease. Of course if someone is already not living above the poverty or self-sufficiency level, then even a small, similar percentage can have a larger effect. The intention and hope is that there will be even more assistance for people with these circumstances in the future, via scholarship and/or subsidized service, or practitioner trainings. For now, we do the best we can with what we have.


“Honor System”

Microcosm functions on an “honor” system – trusting the client to participate fully in a private and personal application process. In order to discern what you will pay along the sliding scale, there is a document with a series of questions for you to answer & contemplate for yourself. You Do Not need to send any of this information back. It is for you and you alone.



It is important to acknowledge that this sort of conversation can possibly be difficult for some people, or bring up certain emotions or sensitivities. In our society, we are not taught how to acknowledge issues of class, economic disparity, and their implications; or to discuss all of our positions within these structures without judgement, discomfort or denial.

The intention here is that privacy and trust creates a safe space for one to engage in the request of an open, honest, mature, brave, and (if applicable) spiritual conversation about these interconnected issues we all experience as human beings… Money, wealth and poverty… worth, ethics, values and priorities… economic systems and disparities… accountability, investment and commitment… classism, privilege, disadvantage and oppression.
Knowing that regardless of the surface differences in our positions, unjust systems serve no one.


Microcosm is grateful to participate in this practice of faith, service, and mutual collaboration with you.




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