Finding Julie has truly been a blessing – she is really quite a healer.

I’ve been working with Julie for a little over a year now and she has helped me in healing my body in so many ways. When I first began seeing Julie I thought it would only be for colon hydrotherapy treatments. I didn’t expect to get any nutritional knowledge out of seeing her – I’ve been surrounded my entire life by friends and family who are either in the field of nutrition or obsessed with it and I was pretty sure I already knew everything there was to know! But Julie’s vast and extensive knowledge on nutrition (and digestion) and how it affects the body, has taught me SO much. She turned me on to so many dietary concepts that were completely new to me, and they helped me greatly. The dietary practices combined with the colon hydrotherapy treatments have improved my digestion greatly, and have taken my bowel movements to a whole new level! I couldn’t believe how much WASTE I had inside of me. The eating changes and colonics haven’t just improved my physical state, but also my relationship with food, tremendously. Prior to seeing Julie, I was abusing laxatives in order to ‘become regular’, and now I would never even consider putting that crap in my body, ever again – and I no longer need them. My body no longer craves processed food like it used to, because in a way my system has been purified and rejuvenated – Now I crave whole, natural foods which nourish my system and enhance my health. Julie’s work has also helped to clear major emotional blockages in my mind-body, which is something I noticed immediately after my first colonic treatment – an intense catharsis followed by profound mental clarity and an overall sense of lightness. Finding Julie has truly been a blessing – she is really quite a healer. I am undoubtedly healthier than I ever have been, and it feels amazing. If there’s one person whom I trust with these things, it’s Julie Brown.

~Kerri Sharoni


It is because of Julie that I am on a path to healing and vitality that I never thought was possible.

I came to Julie with a 14 year history of extremely destructive behavior and thought patterns towards my body which were so pervasive, I was convinced they were insurmountable. Since I started working with her, Julie never faltered and welcomed me into her life with open arms. It is because of her kindness and openness that I too became open and receptive to the wisdom she has so generously shared. Julie has taught me an immense amount, not just about my body, but my whole being. The cleansing process is an emotional and physical journey and I know I can count on Julie as a practitioner and a friend. I can honestly say Julie has had a profound impact on my life, and it is because of her and her treatments that I am on a path to healing and vitality that I never thought was possible. Thank you Julie.



I assumed I had learned all the ins and outs to nutritional healing…

I am a graduate of and certified by a very well known school for holistic nutrition. I assumed I had learned all the ins and outs to nutritional healing, and I thought I knew exactly what needed to be done. But I had never before even heard about the dietary principles or concepts about the human body that Julie taught me. It’s funny now, I initially went to Julie having the idea that once I got some internal “cleansing” taken care of, weight that I have been holding on to would simply shed, and I could then thank her and be on my way. I can humbly say that after much internal resistance and questioning, I surrendered and began listening and following the practices that Julie laid out for me at our colonic appointments – and what I have received out of the process, and will continue to get out of it, is a lifetime of healing. Making the commitment to stick with the dietary principles that Julie counseled me in daily along with a regular colonic routine gives me endless benefits: I feel for the first time a real connection of my physical, emotional and spiritual self working together. I am more energized, happy, light, I’m seeing changes in my body, and my digestion has never been better. In addition, I’m consuming less food and my desire for it each day has drastically decreased. I feel fully nurtured, nourished and balanced each day. And even while I initially had my own resistance to the practices, the concepts of the body Julie explained to me seemed to make such sense as soon as I heard them. Julie is awesome. It’s really amazing to feel in tune with my mind, body and spirit and to have my body in return, give its absolute best with an incredible amount of energy….all just by giving it what it actually needs, how it actually needs it.

~Pauline Kim


I could not have changed my lifestyle without Julie’s help.

Julie Brown is my therapist, nutritionist, and now friend. She has helped me put the pieces of my diet together for years, and has been my beacon of health in a city of processed foods and new-age diet fads. When I first came to Julie, I was beginning a raw food diet. Julie’s expertise in raw foods and cleansing was essential in helping me transition to and maintain the raw diet in my life healthfully. I could not have changed my lifestyle without Julie’s help. Through combining this raw way of living with other natural dietary principles and colon hydrotherapy, I’ve been able to draw many conclusions through direct experience. I’ve gained such a deeper sense of how my body is supposed to respond to food. I’ve experienced the difference between what our bodies really need versus what they crave, or to what they are addicted. And I know now that I literally should not have attempted a raw diet without regular colonic treatments. Julie’s colonic therapy method is very natural. I’ll never forget my first treatment because I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all! Recently I’ve been traveling a lot internationally, which can at times be difficult for keeping my routine. Whenever I’m coming back into town, I call Julie in advance, and she always sets me up on a cleansing program that helps restore me after my long journeys.

~Mallory, international activist


Julie Brown is a serious practitioner with an unmatched passion for healing.

I have been a fan of colonic irrigation for almost twenty years and have worked with several colon therapists, however my experience with Julie has become a story that I continuously tell as I refer other seekers of optimum health to her. I always begin by sharing that after my very first session with Julie, I literally felt as if I was floating down the street! I had never before felt that degree of lightness after a colonic! This may be the result of a special technique that she uses to ensure greater cleansing. I have had very good, I would even say excellent practitioners in the past, but there are a few things that make Julie exceptional: Julie is herself deeply committed to a clean, toxic free natural lifestyle and exudes all of the mental and physical characteristics of it. She is steady and calm, has glowing skin, beautiful hair and a healthy body. In addition to her deep and vast knowledge of the body and the environment, she is patient and intuitive. She always listens very intently and is able to guide me on a dietary plan that is both practical and aspirational. During my last session I was suffering from the flu and was not sure if I had the strength to make my appointment. I decided to push myself since her office is so close to my home. After my colonic with Julie, my flu symptoms rapidly began to dissipate. I had a full and speedy recovery. Julie is one of the greatest investments in my health that I have ever made.

~Alicia Maat

Until I went to Julie, I thought all colonics were created equal. Now I know better.

Soon after I became a client of Julie’s, my life and my body changed drastically for the better. Under her care I’ve experienced an amazing awakening in my body in regards to my reproductive organs, digestion, energy level and weight loss. My skin became radiant, I lost 50 pounds, and I am still amazed at how flat my stomach is after a colonic. Julie is one of very few practitioners that practice this particular style of colon therapy and the difference is obvious, even after one visit. I would not think of going to anyone else. Julie’s expertise in healthy eating and detoxing, and her skill in colon therapy has been invaluable on my personal journey to good health and through the fasts and cleanses I’ve done along the way. It has truly been a blessing to have Julie on my team. Not only is she one of the most caring, honest and gentle people I know, her knowledge of her craft is exemplary and she genuinely enjoys sharing it.



To feel what it’s like to have my system efficiently working to bring me to optimal health is truly glorious and uplifting.

It’s difficult to put into words the benefits I gleamed from working with Julie. Through her guidance I’ve profoundly grown my understanding of how food can be used to heal. As a student of Traditional Chinese medicine I’ve found the paradigm that Julie introduced me to fits into the ancient TCM mold. TCM is rooted in the understanding that we are born with everything we need to heal ourselves; and we allow our bodies to better do that through diet and lifestyle. Julie’s guidance has taken my understanding of this paradigm to an extremely tangible and visceral level. After receiving dietary guidance and having colonics I came to a higher sensitivity for my external and internal environment. Before working with Julie I didn’t realize that I had indigestion, or that I was lacking energy and mental clarity. On the contrary I felt very even as a person, very bright and thought that I was healthy. By all accounts I was but I didn’t realize that much higher levels of health were within my grasp. To feel what it’s like to have my system efficiently working to bring me to optimal health is truly glorious and uplifting. This is what working with Julie has given me. I am constantly being challenged in school and I’m constantly challenging my body as an athlete. Since streamlining my dietary path with Julie’s guidance, I find myself excelling past my cohorts and also keeping up and surpassing the performance of younger athletes. I’m forever grateful for Julie for leading me to this path. She is a powerful teacher, potent practitioner and great friend.

~Kevin Craft, Yoga Instructor, TCM Student


I look to Julie as a guide when dealing with health issues personally, or know of anyone who is… Her level of mastery …is remarkable.

Julie Brown is a physical manifestation of her work.  I trust her implicitly with myself, friends, family, and professional acquaintances.  My experience working with Julie has led to a newfound understanding of how my body works, how to properly nourish it, and how to have an increased sense of vitality. She has successfully demonstrated for me the impact my mental state has had on my health, and in sessions has provided a safe space for me to purge – literally and figuratively. I look to Julie as a guide when dealing with health issues personally, or know of anyone who is. The level of mastery and intensity in her practice is remarkable. I have sent every man I’ve dated and new business partners to her in an effort to encourage them to experience life “brand new.” Julie inspires me to make the slow – yet, imperative – transition towards eating to live. I am a leader in my family, community, and field and recognize that as I make this transition, I impact thousands to do the same. Julie’s exhibited passion for healing and wellness for all people is the single most important characteristic that I find separates her from most who identify themselves as practitioners. Her willingness to serve as a community resource, and personal practitioner, puts her in a class with other global transformational leaders.



Julie is not just a nutritionist, colon hydrotherapist, or detoxification expert… She has a special gift…

After seeing the film Raw for 30 Days I decided to try a raw food diet. I lost a lot of weight, felt great and the acid reflux that I had gained from stress several years earlier was gone after the first couple of weeks. For the first time I could stop taking the nexium prescription, however, it wasn’t until working with Julie that I gained a deeper awareness of my body and it’s conditions, and connection with the relationship between my eating habits, cleansing, and my health.  One of the conditions I became the principal witness to, was the hard blockage still existing in the center of my stomach. After all of these years I was reminded of the chronic suffering I experienced as a child and teenager, and how painful an experience elimination was at times.  I followed the consultation eating and treatment regimen Julie gave me, including embarking on my first juice fast. The deeper into the cleanse and with every session with Julie I could feel the blockage getting smaller. One day I had a breakthrough and the hardness in the center of my stomach was gone, along with the pain that I had lived with for so long. My experiences with Julie were not about quick fixes but about learning immensely about the wonderful organism called the human body. Eventually, I realized I wasn’t ready to stay raw permanently. Julie counseled me on the benefits of using multiple natural law regimens principles and transitioned me to adopting healthier eating habits that were sustainable for me long term, along with maintaining regular and consistent colonics. The ability to connect my body to the earth, what I put in my body as food from the earth, learning to be delicate with this complex and precious organism as it sustains my spirit and life: All this and more I’ve learned from Julie. Julie is not just a nutritionist, colon hydrotherapist, or detoxification expert. Julie is not just a healer. She is a special individual – passionate, dynamic – with a special gift – for healing, saving and shifting many lives with her knowledge and talent.  I am blessed to have Julie as my principal health advisor as my life, environment and body has changed over the past 7 years, and look forward to a healthier future through her practice.

~Regine Z.


I consider the cleansing benefits, information, and support that I receive from Julie as critical to my health regimen.

Julie Brown is an inspiration and good friend. Even before I started working with her in her professional realm, I knew that when I did begin, I would enjoy the experience. As a person, she exudes health, love, cleanliness, and knowledge of Self. She has a high vibration that I love being around. I first began working with Julie when going on a 30 day cleanse. She put me through a powerful exercise of deep observation of my past and current diet and health. That process alone gave me the sense that it was important to her that she fully understood me, my constitution, and my health’s current state. For me, as my body was getting adjusted to the process, I felt tired after my first colonic. From then on, I felt lighter and more energized after each treatment. Throughout that month long cleansing journey together, Julie made me feel comfortable, encouraged me to stay on the diet that would produce the best results, and patiently talked me through every session. These were the first hydrotherapy sessions that I’ve had in which the practitioner took the time explain the principles behind her methods. I really learned a lot about what it takes to keep my digestive system running effectively, which in turn effects the integrity of my entire body. I consider the cleansing benefits, information, and support that I receive from Julie as critical to my health regimen.

~Kiyama Brown


I have followed Julie around Manhattan and to Brooklyn because I can’t imagine going to another practitioner.

I have always struggled with food, weight, and bad habits (like smoking or emotional eating), and Julie has become like this amazing guru that I depend on. I have immense trust in Julie’s knowledge, skills, energy and professional expertise. She is incredibly emotionally empathic, and I have always felt very supported by her. All these qualities, as well as her understanding of my lifestyle, habits, and what will work best for me are just a few of the reasons I have always felt comfortable being completely honest with her. Julie has taught me so much about what to eat, how to eat, and how what & how I eat affects my whole body. I now have a good understanding of what works for me, and the tools to maintain my health and the work that I am doing with her. Not only have I felt the extreme change in my body from our treatments, but I have also never felt uncomfortable at our sessions. Instead, Julie provides the skilled therapy that my body needs, while her passion for what she does and genuine energy can make appointments fun! It it so much more than just seeing her occasionally. My work with Julie has become an essential part of a larger routine to maintain my health and take care of myself. I have known Julie for over 5 years now and have followed her around Manhattan and to Brooklyn because I can’t imagine going to another practitioner. (And fyi, her office is extremely easy to get to, and whether coming from the Upper West side of Manhattan-where I live, or from the Bronx-where I work, it is never a hassle.)

~Nicki H.


It wasn’t until working with Julie that I felt that my body was receiving the true benefits that are possible.

I’ve been a client of Julie’s since my son was born over a year ago and have had marked difference in my health, the way my body moves and my skin radiates, and my general happiness–which is through the roof. I first went to Julie because her name came up as highly recommended, both from Natalia Rose’s website, and several health-conscious individuals I had met in Fort Greene and Park Slope. I had previously gone for the occasional colonic at a spa, but it wasn’t until working with Julie that I felt that my body was receiving the true benefits that are possible. Initially, what most impressed me was that Julie was interested in so much more than I had ever experienced at a spa. I now know that this is because she does more than just colon hydrotherapy. When I first started working with Julie, we also had a diet & health consultation. We spoke freely about eating habits, stress, lifestyle choices, and my family. Julie gently suggested how these factors played into my health and also my treatments and their benefits. Julie’s knowledge in nutrition and detoxification allows her to combine all three for optimal results. As for the treatment itself–Julie is very gentle and mindful as a therapist. It was as relaxing as getting a massage, and I felt just incredible afterwards–lighter than air, with an abundance of energy fueled by the visual cues that Julie had also provided during the session. As a three-time mom, it can be challenging to book “me” time. With Julie’s sessions, everything about my life is better. My kids encourage me to go since they like me better afterwards! I am honored and delighted to have Julie in my life–she is a real inspiration in that she lives what she teaches.

~To your best health, Sue G.


I trust Julie… and seek her guidance before any other health practitioner.

I was suffering from a number of physical and psychological issues in the aftermath of a traumatic experience. I was amazed by how the changes in my diet that Julie recommended and a colonic from her improved my symptoms. After a single treatment I noticed a dramatic change in IBS. My symptoms were nearly eliminated. I have incorporated her dietary guidelines into daily practice continue to get treatments from her. My wellbeing continues to improve. As a result I trust Julie with my health-related issues and seek her guidance before any other health practitioner. Her work is a fabulous investment in long-lasting self care.



Julie represents the concept that one must Be the example.

I first experienced Julie’s work when she gave a 2 part lecture on nutrition, fasting/cleansing and detoxification. She did this while she was on days 17 and 21 of her own annual long term pure juice fast. Apart from speaking knowledgeably and emphatically, she was bright-eyed, coherent and cohesive – enrapturing our group of about 30 note takers. I gradually applied Julie’s teachings, then later, when I decided to go on a cleanse, I finally worked with her personally. Julie Brown embodies her craft. As a teacher, her eloquence, authority in her confidence, and her palpably compassionate tone is inspiring. She is full of information and shares this information non-insistently, supporting with useful empirical data. She is grounded and reliable with a fun and cheerful heart. And she educates from personal experience with the practices about which she speaks. Her teachings are consistent with my learning in the essentials of yoga, taiji, shiatsu, and ancient Chinese Taoist wisdom. Plus she looks great and it’s very easy to believe her considering she is an example of it. She represents the concept that one must be the example, then when people are ready they will ask how to do it and actually listen, wanting to understand. I count myself lucky to have this great expert at my disposal. She has as many answers as you could possibly want, and I’m sure that whatever issue I may have, she will be able to provide assistance and an introduction to any others who can assist. And she has an honest work ethic that is excellent value. I finally plucked up enough courage to have her administer the necessary colon hydrotherapy while on my cleanse. It was about five years in the making I think, heheh… And, would you believe… it’s way less gross or uncomfortable than I thought – both physically and mentally. Julie is a clearly well experienced professional and a compassionate woman, and I felt confident in her and my safety the whole time. I’ve learned from Julie that colonics are an important commitment to one’s health, and as simple to understand as brushing one’s teeth or taking a shower. That they come together with food combing strategies and other dietary practices that aid the human body’s innate cleansing system. In this age of pollution of all kinds, the body is having a heck of a time. I am happily committed to giving it some assistance. Julie is committed to the Universe’s Peace and shows it, lives, it, looks it. I am extremely indebted to her, her long time learning and teachings. I have been traveling a lot, but I’ll continue to work with Julie all my days in New York or via phone when possible. I will progress because of all of it. Simply look at Julie to see that she is keenly aware of internal peace such that peace has made it’s way to her kind, clear, healthy and beautiful surface. Thank you very much.
Good luck. Anything is possible. Follow one’s heart. Peace.

~Sinton Vignos, student, body worker, taiji practitioner, Yale College 2002

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